I first heard the words “meeting under the mango tree” as a euphemism for having a predictable, easy to access process for enabling community members to raise issues and concerns in a safe and familiar place.  There is no fixed agenda and no one-size-fits-all for these exchanges. With one company we set up drop-in centres in each local village with a designated community officer in attendance everyday. Another made it known that a company person would be available “under the mango tree” for two hours every market day. I am hoping this blog will achieve something similar – the regular, free and open sharing of ideas and experiences. Time will tell how well it works out.

November 2020 Archives

Making the most of your first site visit

Responsible Business Management |  25 November 2020

If you're working on an overseas project and have never visited the site you'll be well served to make some pre-departure arrangements ahead of your first visit so that you can tick off the actions on your "what do I need to get out of my first visit checklist".  The more advice, views and ideas you can gather early on the better informed you’ll be and the less likely it is that you'll make costly mistakes. Having "been there done that", believe me when I tell you that it is not a good place to be... 

Global perspectives

Responsible Business Management |  11 November 2020

Home country and host country governments and local communities expect companies to respect their laws, to operate openly and in consultation with them and to implement best practices. While there are many (too many maybe) good practice guidelines, these six widely recognized international social performance guidelines provide a solid platform for any project...