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Starting off on the right foot

Insights |  6 May 2024

Whether you are a new CEO, a recently appointed project manager or the exploration manager taking on the job of getting the next round of studies up and running, you need to be aware of the social aspects that might need attention. Ideally the first identification is done as part of the preparation ahead of the project kick-off but it is never too late to make a start...

Hans Rosling: Best Statistics Ever

Insights |  27 March 2024

I think this was the first TED I ever watched. It shows the power of turning numbers into information with passion and pictures, something I wish I was much better at!

Eric Berlow: Simplifying Complexity

Insights |  27 March 2024

Stick around to the end to see some interesting similarities between a counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan and common themes we see influencing relationships between companies and communities.

One Minute Social Licence

Insights |  23 March 2024

Over the years I've come to appreciate that while earning and maintaining a Social-Licence-to-Operate (SLO) is not something that comes for free it doesn't need to be complicated...

Feeling the pulse: Your relationships health check

Insights |  17 November 2023

We know that the level of social risk associated with a project is linked to the quality of relationships with local people, governments and critics but how can you know where you stand? There are two simple ways to do this. The first is to pay attention for changes in the tone of meetings with government agencies, partners and community members. The second is to note changes in behaviour and attitude you see happening in the community...

Making the most of your first site visit

Insights |  6 August 2023

If you're working on an overseas project and have never visited the site you'll be well served to make some pre-departure arrangements ahead of your first visit so that you can tick off the actions on your "what do I need to get out of my first visit checklist".  The more advice, views and ideas you can gather early on the better informed you’ll be and the less likely it is that you'll make costly mistakes. I've "been there done that" and believe me, it is not a good place to be.