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EBRD resettlement guidance and good practice

Imagine you are being resettled...

A powerful opening is followed by a wealth of practical advice.

Oxfam: mining, resettlement and lost livelihoods

A sobering account of the effects of involuntary resettlement told from the perspective of local people.

Rio Tinto: Why Cultural Heritage Matters

A bit of a ‘big company’ view but this guideline still has a fair bit to offer anyone looking to do better. The case studies are particularly useful.

MSV Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism

The case studies and framework provide food for thought for anyone looking to increase the rigour and consistency of their procurement activities and spending.

ICMM Community Development Toolkit

A set of practical tools that can help you to get started.

GATES-AfDB: Extractives Industry and Social Investment

One of a series of eight papers, jointly developed by the Africa Development Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which asks how government and industry can maximize the human development impact of companies’ social investment spending.

Preventing Conflict in Exploration Tool and Toolkit

The Preventing Conflict in Exploration Tool and Toolkit are designed to provide straightforward steps for community engagement from the first day of exploration and can help with the analysis of complex issues. It can be used anywhere with a current conflict or a legacy of conflict related to resource exploration and extraction and many options for addressing risks before tensions or conflict escalate.

VPSHR Implementation Guidance Toolkit

The Implementation Guidance Tool (IGT) is a set of tools designed to help companies, and their employees and contractors implement the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

PDAC First Engagement Field Guide

This 2015 guide has a raft of practical, step-by-step guidance which can help you hit the ground running. Read the online publication:

Australian Wind Industry Community Engagement Guidelines

These guidelines provide a blueprint for wind farm operators to engage effectively with local communities.