IFC Resettlement Handbook

This was one of the first good practice guides for project-related resettlement. It is as useful now as when first published eighteen years ago. 

IFC PS5: Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement

Ten years on and this is still one of the go-to references for anyone considering land acquisition and resettlement.

IFC PS6: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources

Another good place to start.

IFC PS3: Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention.

A good starting point for a novice.

IFC PS8: Cultural Heritage

IFC Local Procurement Guide

This short guide is designed to help companies design and implement a local procurement policy and strategy.

IFC Strategic Community Investment Quick Guide

In a very crowded field this gives a good introduction to taking a more structured approach.

IFC Strategic Community Engagement for Juniors

A new community engagement resource for smaller companies.

IFC Stakeholder Engagement Good Practice Guide

One of the early guides; comprehensive; easy to read; easy to dip in and out of.

IFC Grievance Mechanisms Good Practice Guide

This guidance is as relevant and useful today as it was when it was published by the IFC in 2009.

IFC Webinar: Performance Standards 101

A good way to spend an hour getting an introduction to how the performance standards work.

IFC Webinar Introduction to the performance standards

IFC In-Migration Guide

This guide fills a gap in assessing and addressing the risk of in-migration through better recognition, understanding and management of the issue.

IFC Health Impact Assessment Guide

You don't need to be a health professional to learn a lot from this guide.