I first heard the words “meeting under the mango tree” as a euphemism for having a predictable, easy to access process for enabling community members to raise issues and concerns in a safe and familiar place.  There is no fixed agenda and no one-size-fits-all for these exchanges. With one company we set up drop-in centres in each local village with a designated community officer in attendance everyday. Another made it known that a company person would be available “under the mango tree” for two hours every market day. I am hoping this blog will achieve something similar – the regular, free and open sharing of ideas and experiences. Time will tell how well it works out.

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Buzzword Bingo II

Responsible Business Management |  5 August 2020

Researching for a presentation to a class of Masters’ students at Curtin Uni on the subject of the triple-bottom-line unsurprisingly took me to the work of the author of the phrase – John Elkington. In one of his papers he makes the point that, “…the advent of the TBL became a branching point and it was followed in rapid succession by Double and Quadruple Bottom Lines, Social Return on Investment (SROI), Full Cost Accounting, ESG (a framework focusing investors and financial analysts on Environmental, Social and Governance factors), Net Positive, Shared Value, Integrated Reporting, Impact Investment and, most recently, BCG’s Total Societal Impact framework.”  Time now to have a look at some of them and see what they are about, starting with the triple-bottom-line itself...