Putting out a flare-up of community action, cleaning up the mess afterwards, looking forward with trepidation to the pesky annual audit, wondering what it was you really signed up to when you committed to those standards or you’ve got a boss asking questions you don’t know the answer to are all opportunities to start to change the way you work.

To make change happen you need to feel the pressure and to want to change.  If you don’t then we’ll both end up disappointed and that is not somewhere either of us wants to be. 

On the other hand, if you do want to change, and I’ll take the fact that you’ve worked your way through the Toolkit and come to this page as a good sign, and you buy into the SLO-Framework, then I’d like to think I can help you with one or other or both of the next steps - adding the spare capacity for an agreed period of time to help you think through what needs to be done and then helping you to take those first steps and get comfortable with where you are heading.

If this sounds like a sensible way to go, then drop me a line and we can see where it takes us.