For the foreseeable future the 17 SDG approved by UN member states in 2015 will be front and centre of the global sustainability agenda with the private sector expected to play a (large) part by contributing financial and technical capacity. The SDGs provide an opportunity for companies to align their community development activities with government priorities in the countries in which they operate as well as with the global agenda.

SDGs - Mapped to SLO actions

An easy to use summary showing how the SLO-framework supports achieving the seventeen global development goals.

SDGs - Forty achievable targets

This list of 40 targets is the result of mapping the seventeen global goals against the company actions in the SLO-framework. It trims the number of targets from 169 by focusing on company activities and local communities, bringing the global agenda down to something achievable at a local level by smaller companies.

SDGs - The 169 targets

Keep in mind that contributing to the goals is voluntary. You can even choose to ignore the SDGs and continue doing things the way you always have. If on the other hand you do want to play your part this list gives you a starting point. You'll also find these targets on the UNDP website or you can check out the SLO filtered list of 40 which is a bit less daunting.