Mobility for Africa

In many parts of rural Africa, neither regular supplies of energy or petrol are available.  This means most transport is expensive, often unreliable and doesn’t reach many rural off-road areas.  The growing availability of low-cost renewable energy, along with the huge investment in battery technology to drive vehicles, means we have the potential to transform rural areas.  Like with the advent of digital technology, Africa can leapfrog its development to benefit from these new technological opportunities. 

The vision: To bring clean energy solar powered electric transport solutions to women and their families that are affordable, efficient and adapted to peri urban and rural areas in Africa.

  • By doing so to empower rural women in Africa with transport that can help them save time, better sell their goods at the market, take their children to the clinic and school, collect water, as well as improve their economic opportunities within the households and local communities.
  • To contribute to improving the quality of life of women and their families.
  • To contribute to expanding renewal energy for transport in Africa contributing to longer term sustainability and mitigating climate change.

The mission:To create renewable community-based transport solutions for Africa that is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. By building a model that reinforces and builds local distribution networks, seeks to change behavior and empower women, and works on a sustainability model that also creates shared economies, Mobility for Africa will create new opportunities and improve the quality of life for rural communities.

Check out the Mobility for Africa website to learn more about this fantastic initiative.

Mobility for Africa: Josephine’s Green Rural Taxi Service

Rural African women, who are at the cross-section of social, cultural and economic barriers to mobility, are generally left behind in today’s development opportunities. With the Hamba electric three-wheeler, Mobility for Africa is facilitating local female entrepreneurship while making daily journeys for their clients easier.

Mobility for Africa: Bringing COVID vaccines to rural africa

#Zimbabwe has just rolled out its #Covid #vaccination efforts. in Wedza, reaching older people door to door but that burden is being eased by #greenmobility. Last mile delivery of #vaccinations is a major hurdle to achieving public health in rural communities across #Africa,

Mobility for Africa: Community Health Workers Covering New Ground

Mobility for Africa has provided electric three-wheeler vehicles to the Igava Clinic in rural Zimbabwe. With this mobility access, community health care workers like Sister Chidemo can reach many more children with vital vaccinations.

Electric mobility - harnessing Africa's engine of growth - its women

Can the electric mobility revolution help transform rural Africa and lift the daily burden for African women of carrying such heavy loads? Shantha Bloemen, founder of Mobility for Africa is convinced that with the availability of off grid energy, new advances in battery storage, and by adapting tricycles for off road African conditions, there is no reason it should not transform rural areas of the continent. She shares her journey to grow her start up in Zimbabwe and expand to other parts of Africa.

Why Mobility for Africa