What is a fit-for-purpose organisation structure?

FAQ |  5 June 2023

What is this about?

One of the most important actions you can take is to ensure your communities/community relations/social performance team is capable of supporting your business plan. Geography, people, issues, company ambition and the point in the life-cycle all play a part.

On a small remote site a team of 3 might be what is needed, another with more local communities and a bigger footprint might need 20, another with multiple operating sites requiring a significant resettlement may need 100 or more;

Timing is the other critical factor and what we see all too often is that companies under-resource early in the life-cycle:

A result of being slow and late is that early consultation is compromised, relationship-building opportunities are missed, low-cost, easy to implement community development projects don’t happen and upskilling of locals is too little too late leading to employment and service opportunities being lost. Taken together these lessen the quality of the all important social licence and set the company back, making the future more difficult that it needed to be.


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